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So you just bought your brand new T18 Photobooth. Everything looks great. Your are ready to travel to your gig, but wait… How do you transport your T18 Photobooth? Do you wrap it with blanket so it does not get scratch?

Solution: The new custom made T18 Photobooth travel road case. Perfectly designed to fit your T18 snug and it is foam fitted for the shocked protection. Small enough to fit in your Honda Civic or regular Sedan. It’s Road Ready, so you know your life just got easier…

Please Note: For international order, please call 626-922-7972 or email us at


  • Weight: 28LBS
  • Wheels: 2 Recessed Wheels
  • Latches: 4 Pcs. external Twist Latch
  • Handles: 3 external handles
  • Built with 1/4″ ply Laminated wood)
  • Interior Finish: Black Felt Carpet & Foam padded to fit the T18 Photo Booth