T-SERIES PRINTER SHELF FOR (T12 3.0 Eco Planar/T17 4.0/T20 2.0 Eco Planar /T20R 2.0) PHOTOBOOTH SHELL


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We have spent countless hours developing and designing a perfect printer shelf.  Our T-Series Printer Shelf is portable and can fit any of the T-Series photo booth that we offer.  Let our T-Series printer stand make your load-in and load-out simple and easy for your next event.

What is included:

-Left and right arm

-front and back support


Q: Will the T-Series Printer Stand fit any of the current T12 2.0/T17/ T20Z1/T20R?

A: Yes it will.  We actually designed the T-Series Printer stand to universally fit those following T-Series Photobooth.

Q: How do I assemble the T-Series Printer Shelve with my T-Series Photo Booth?

A: Remove the knob located on the middle portion of the stand and insert the left/right arms of the printer shelve.  Put the support arms after.

Q: How much weight will it hold?

A: Our T-Series Printer stand is very durable and can hold upto 50lbs.

Q: Does it have a cover for my printer?

A: You can purchased the aluminum cover as an option.  This listing do not include the printer cover.  You can choose your printer cover and add it on your cart.