Mirror Beauty Road Case 65" Mirror Booth Starter Package


Mirror Beauty Road Case 65" Mirror Booth Starter Package


Exclusive State-Of-The-Art Photos Booth

You are about to break-through the photo booth industry with this exclusively state-of-the-art photo booth designed by REAL Photographers. You've got a Photo booth solution for all your events including Weddings parties, Anniversary, Birthdays parties, Company Parties, and Special Events, Graduations.


With this photo booth, you are sure to stand out from your competitors, get noticed and everyone will want you at their special events. So, whether you are just starting out or looking to boost an existing photo booth business, this booth won't let you down. No better way to give yourself the power and flexibility that you so crave.


Your photos will come out looking pro and you will be looking clean and good with the photo booth SLR Camera and flash. We take quality very seriously, and we are proud to introduce this classic and model photo booth in the industry.

While the DJ takes care of the dance floor, there are those who aren't keen to dance and the photo booth takes care of all guests enliven your events. It adds some fun, creates an avenue of entertainment during reception and lets all guests go crazy inside the photo booth as they boogie down on the dance floor, hit the bar for refreshments. In fact, they will definitely end up staying longer and hopefully longer than expected to slip some extra cash into your hand.


○ Exterior Length: 35.5"
○ Exterior Width: 27"
○ Exterior Height: 62"
○ Backdoor Length: 51"
○ Backdoor Width: 29"
○ Interior Length: 34.5"
○ Interior Width: 22"
○ Interior Height: 57.5"
○ Mirror Booth Size: 69.5"
○ LED TV Monitor Size: 55"
○ 2 Way Tempered Glass Size: 68"
○ Overall Weight: 149 lbs.


○ US Made Mirror Booth Shell
○ IR Touch
○ 2 Way Tempered Glass
○ 55" LED Monitor
○ Detachable Gold Frame
○ Photo Booth Software (DSLR Booth)
○ Strobe Flash with Umbrella
○ Canon Rebel T6 Camera

***1 Year Limited Warranty***