In almost every business success I can point to, I can credit the amount of networking I have done. Some people why away from meeting others in their industry and giving away what they think are their trade secrets.

I am of the opposite opinion. I don’t think there are many industries out there that are based on “secrets” - well maybe Kentucky Fried Chicken, but beyond that people have succeeded because of hard work, persistence, dedication and education.

Remember, when you are talking to someone else they are talking to you as well. A smart man is one who learns from his own mistakes. An even smarter man is one who learns from the mistakes of others. Attend trade shows. Join associations. I am not saying that every association is worth joining and worth your time, but the better ones that relate to your market are. 

Learn Learn Learn

The first place to educate yourself about photo booths is on the internet. Go to YouTube or google photo booths. You will literally find a wealth of information. Many of the photo booth manufacturers have tons of videos that you will find very worthwhile and instructional.

Here are just a few websites that have worthwhile blogs and other information you can learn from:

Learn everything you can about photography through seminars and courses - Photographers have an edge on DJs with this one, so you need to catch up (of course DJs have the edge on photographers when it comes to entertainment).

If you are a DJ, you will have to get yourself up to speed relatively quickly on basic photographic techniques, especially if you have not done any professional photography.

Now don’t get scared - it’s not that hard. I did it a couple of years ago. The most common photo booth software out there and the one I am most familiar with is Breeze. Play with the settings in Breeze and see what they do. And remember, practice makes perfect. Here are just a few things to look out for when you are trying to make better pictures.

  1. Framing
  2. Lighting and Color
  3. Motion Blur
  4. Grain (keep ISO at lowest level while ensuring adequate light)
  5. Flash - helps to keep even skin tone and focus on the face

Over time you will develop an eye for making good pictures.

Most professional photo booth companies will use DSLR cameras and DYE SUB printers - its almost mandatory - but you will need to know how to use them. 


Conventions of all kinds are available that will help to serve you in your business. Picking the right one or ones for you to go is something you need to do some research on. Mobile Beat’s DJ Conference every February in Las Vegas is produced by the publisher of this book and would love to have you in attendance. While geared towards DJs, a large percentage of the seminars will be applicable for anyone in the wedding and event production industry thus worth attending. Also took into WPPI and other national and regional shows when considering what to attend to grow your business, find out about new trends and network with other professionals like yourself.