Dealing With Difficult Customers


Do NOT allow a drunk person near your equipment. It they will not leave, stop taking pictures and ask someone to get rid of them. - Do NOT let someone take control of you!!!! YOU ARE IN CHARGE. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE YOU REMAIN COLLECTED AND PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES.


ALWAYS KEEP YOUR COOL - even when the other party doesn’t

The first thing to consider is whether the complaint could be valid. Some of our best ideas come from customers.

If it is valid, then implement it, at least to some degree.

If it not valid, then consider who is giving you the complaint.

Things to Protect Yourself Against Liability Lawsuits

  1. I) If you have a photo booth on a stand, take precautions to make sure that it cannot be knocked down. You may need to make a very heavy base to hold the booth and stand, but do not take chances. Test it out beforehand.

  1. II) Be careful with the legs of speakers on stands (not in a high traffic area), or well marked (maybe put a chair in front).

     1. II) Be careful with cords on the floor. All cords in high traffic areas MUST             BE SECURELY TAPED DOWN TO THE FLOOR!

  1. IV) Do not let anyone “leave something” with you for safe keeping. You are not a coat check person. Kindly let the person know that you are not in the booth at all times, therefore, you cannot take responsibility for valuable items.

  1. V) Make sure you have insurance.