There are many options and many things to consider when entering the photo booth business. Make sure to shop around and look at features vs. prices of the various.

Proprietary vs. Open Systems

Some systems require that you use their printer paper sometimes at an additional cost. The tradeoff of this is a guaranteed system that works and follow up and continual service after the initial sale. Look at these options and decide the benefit of such vs. the limitations.

Should You Try to Make One Yourself

Are you a design expert?

Are you a manufacturer?

Well then maybe.

However, for the other 99.9 percent of us we will spend much more money trying to do it ourselves especially when there are companies out there that have made hundreds of booths and put their knowledge and expertise into the design of every booth.

Do Not Gamble, or Gamble On A Sure Thing

If you are not sure that you can sell a photo booth, try it before you buy. If you only get 2 bookings and decide you do not want to buy, if you tell us beforehand and we trust you, we will rent you the photo booth for those events.

If on the other hand, you have thousands of dollars in business beforehand, then well, by all means buy!