Glamify Travel Road Cases (Set of 2 Cases)


Glamify Travel Road Cases (Set of 2 Cases)


This travel road case is made for your Glamify photobooth and printer shelf. It looks professional when you're traveling to your event and setting up at your event. It provides protection for your photobooth when traveling.  This comes in a set of 2 cases. The head case is for the top of your Glamify photobooth shell, while the bottom case has compartments for the uprise, base plate, and printer shelf. Listing is for travel case only. Photobooth and accessories sold separately.


Head Travel Road Case
○ External Dimension: 28.5" x 9.5" x 26"
○ Lid Depth: 14.20"
○ Base Depth: 11.50"
○ Interior Length: 27.75"
○ Interior Width: 8.75"
○ Interior Depth: 25.70"
○ Weight: 24 lbs.

Base Travel Road Case
○ External Dimension: 19.5" x 10.25" x 28"
○ Lip Depth: 6.75"
○ Base Depth: 20.35"
○ Interior Length: 18.25"
○ Interior Width: 9.5"
○ Interior Depth: 27.1"
○ Exterior Depth: 27.9"
○ Weight: 24 lbs.

***Printer Stand will not fit in this Travel Road Cases but a Printer Shelf will fit***