Canon T6 ACK-E10 AC Power Adapter Charger


Canon T6 ACK-E10 AC Power Adapter Charger

ACK-E10 AC Power Adapter Kit
This kit achieve replacement AC Power Adapter is designed to supply uninterrupted power for your camera while downloading pictures to your computer, for extended work in a studio, or while viewing images while connected to your PC ,TV or VCR.

This device will provide constant power to your camera (It will not charge batteries) You MUST make sure the Battery door cover is fully closed in order for this device to work.

Compatible with the following canon camera models:
Canon EOS Rebel T3, 
Canon EOS Rebel T5, 
Canon EOS Rebel T6, 
Canon EOS Rebel T7, 
Canon EOS Kiss X50, 
Canon EOS Kiss X70, 
Canon EOS 1100D, 
Canon EOS 1200D,
Canon EOS 1300D,
Canon EOS 1500D.

Product Specification : 
Rated Power: 14.8W 
Input: 100V-240Vac 1.5A max 50-60Hz; Output: DC 7.4V/2A 

Safety Certificate:
CE ,FCC ,UL,CCC and etc certified